8 First Dates That Aren’t So Lame


6. Gallery Hop

Whether or not she’s into art, or you’re into art, gallery openings usually have snacks and wine.

If you’re in a neighborhood where there happen to be a lot of galleries, you can hop around, schmooze with some hipsters gazing at some splattered paint and sip the fancy stuff.

Attempts at art also make for easy conversation pieces.


7. Picnic

Going to the park without a plan is creepy. Don’t do it. That said, if you actually bring a blanket, some beers and snacks, it’s actually quite romantic and adorable.

Do it. Bonus points if you make something yourself and maybe have a backup plan if it gets boring

8. Get a Drink

When in doubt, just go get a drink. Actually, you should probably honestly skip all of the above and just go get a drink.

Assuming your date is of age.

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