10 Basic Road Safety Rules Every Kid Must Know


(5) Teach your kids how to use pedestrian/ zebra crossing

Children or adults should not cross the roads in any direction. There are zebra crossings and pedestrian crossings to safely cross the road.

Kids have little patience so they generally cross the road whenever they find an empty street. The risk to turn at any time leads to a major possibility of an accident. So as a parent you should give strict instructions on how to use pedestrians while crossing roads.

(6) Be careful on turn

Sometimes a car doesn’t honk and you can’t see the car coming from the corner so big NO to turn at any blind spots.

There might be a building or any object that is cutting a clear view or you are crossing the street between parked cars which creates a high-level risk of an accident. So children are never allowed to crossroads on turns.

(7) Be alert on the road

Children are full of energy and they are always curious about things they see. And that makes them easily distracted on roads.


Every time crossing the roads, ask your kid to check signals, look on both of the ways, and be cautious if you hear any vehicle. Never ignore horns and be aware while taking a turn from the road.

(8) Bicycle safety rules

Every kid is passionate about his/her first ride- the bicycle. Bicycle riding is their favorite activity and children often ride them on roads too. There are some point parents need to explain about bicycle safety to their kids.

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Have a bicycle light
  • Do proper maintenance especially check breaks
  • Define areas to ride.
  • Don’t use any gadgets while riding a bicycle ( children above 10yrs).

(9) Bus safety rules

Many children are going to school on the bus. Teach your kids to never stand near to the road while waiting for the bus. It’s highly risky while you wait too close to the point where the bus stops.

Also never stand near the door or aisels of the bus as if the bus driver has to put break suddenly then chances of fall down are so high.

Ask your kids not to stick any body parts out of the window and never try to come down before the bus stops.

(10) Car safety rules

It’s boring for kids to stay quiet while seating inside the car. They feel restless and do some mistakes in a moving car.

Here are some basic rules your kid should follow while travelling in a car for road safety:

  • Always wear a seatbelt
  • Never stick any body part outside the car window
  • Never throw anything outside the car
  • Never leave kids alone in the car
  • Don’t open a door while the car is moving
  • Never left a car key while a child is waiting inside the car
  • Never come out of the car while waiting for the signal to go
  • Never jump out of the car before it stops
  • Never swap seats in a moving car

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