10 Basic Road Safety Rules Every Kid Must Know


Does your kid need to cross a road while returning back to the home? The stress level is high when your children are playing on the streets. It’s our duty to teach basic road safety rules to our kids. Here, we are going to discuss some tips to be safe on a road.

We all are well aware that traffic on roads is uncontrollable and yearly the number of accidents are increasing. Parents should give instructions about various safety measures for their children to prevent any bad incidence on the road.

I am a mother of twin girls and my heart is always running fast while crossing the street with them. Kids in our society rlare riding bicycles and I am always on watch duty. Are you like me?

I have decided to teach some road safety lessons to my daughters. So while they are inside a car, going school via bus or crossing the street they know how to be safe on streets.

Here, you will have a list of basic road safety tips for kids.

10 Basic Road Safety Rules Every Kid Must Know

(1) Learn traffic signals

Make sure your kids know the basic traffic signs from an early age. Road safety signs provide guidance to them on how to be safe on roads.

You can teach various traffic signals to your kid by activities and painting or you can talk to them when you are driving with

(2) Safely cross the road

While crossing a road, first stop and look left-right-left to know that traffic is clear. Be careful about cars turning or coming up on the road.


Don’t hurry while crossing and never ever come down from a car or bus while vehicles are stopped for a green signal.

(3) Be seen on the road

Make sure your kids are seen on streets from far so a driver can control the speed before any accident might happen.

Kids are busy playing and unaware if any vehicle approaches closely to them. Sometimes it’s bad weather or bad lights(if kids are playing outside at night) the drive can’t predict your little baby.

So it’s advisable to make them wear bright colors in the daytime and reflective tap at night while riding a bike so they can be seen on the streets.

(4) Use sidewalks and never run on busy roads

Advice your children to always use sidewalks while crossing a road. Kids are not allowed to play or run on roads to prevent any accident on a road.

Encourage your kids to always follow the road safety rules even if the road is empty.

Talk to your kids about how they cross streets and find out how much they use side pathways to go back to their place. By talking, you can ensure yourself about the safety of your kids.

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